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Your doctor may order a CT scan to diagnose a variety of internal conditions. A CT scan (also known as computerized tomography scan) visualizes the inside of your body using a series of computers and X-ray machines. All of our CT scan equipment utilizes low-radiation dose technology, minimizing your exposure to x-rays.

How Does It Work?

The CT scan is a ring-like device where the patient lies still for a few minutes. As the patient is lying in the machine, a series of rotating X-rays takes pictures of the body. These images are processed to create cross-sectional and 3D images of the areas to be studied.

Our radiologists will then examine these images, identify any abnormalities, and issue a comprehensive report to your physician to help guide them with the diagnosis and treatment.

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Do I Need a CT Scan?

Some of the reasons your physician may recommend that you to get a CT scan include:

  • Evaluating treatment response or surveillance for a chronic medical condition.
  • Unexplained pain, weight loss, fever, or other symptoms.
  • Screening for or excluding disease you may be at risk for (e.g. lung cancer).
  • There are many other reasons you may need a CT scan. For additional information, please consult your physician.

The Advantages of a CT Scan

  • extremely rapid acquisition (quick scanning)
  • exquisite detail of internal anatomy
  • wealth of clear and specific information
  • able to visualize a large portion of the body in a single exam

Beyond routine CT imaging, some of our specialty exams include:

  • lung cancer screening CT
  • CT virtual colonoscopy
  • CT angiography, to evaluate blood vessels
  • CT calcium scoring of the heart
  • Sinus CT
  • Spine imaging

Our CT imaging experience has been optimized for the patient’s comfort. Our machine is designed to be non-claustrophobic. The scan is also painless and fast, lasting just a few minutes (patients may require an intravenous injection of contrast, for some types of studies).

All of our CT imaging is done using low-dose technique, exposing our patients to as little radiation as possible.

We offer prompt turnaround for reporting. Most reports are delivered to your physician the same day as your scan; all are delivered within one working day.

FAQ and the Experience: Everything You Need To Know

I heard that medications may be involved. What are these?

Some CT scans require ingested and/or injected contrast. Contrast helps to highlight certain tissues and processes in your body. Contrast can be ingested barium sulfate drink or injected iodine (intravenous). Both have been widely used and are extremely safe. You will likely be instructed to drink a little extra water after the scan to help flush the contrast out of your body.

I have already had one CT scan. Is it safe to get another?

Yes. The exposure and risk from a single CT is extremely small. We emphasize the philosophy of exposing patients to as little radiation as reasonably achievable. The decision to perform multiple scans is usually based on the judgement of your physician, who will typically only recommend a CT scan when the need for valuable information outweighs the small risk associated with radiation exposure.

How will I feel during the procedure?

A CT scan is painless, but you might be given a contrast material which may be swallowed or injected with an IV. You may experience a mild and temporary discomfort due to the injection.

Finally, if you are uncomfortable with tight spaces, your physician may give you medication to help with your anxiety (rarely necessary).

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